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    I've been working on the car for a few months, painfully slowly, but I have a few upgrades finished, and a few more in the works.
    I guess it's time I started listing them.
    Debadge except the Darts
    Intake resonator delete
    Honda Civic Short Ram CAI mod
    Chevy Equinox engine cover
    Olds Alero rear spoiler install
    1" Spacers
    18x8 Tomason TN1 wheels
    225/45/18 Sumho tires
    Racingline Strut Tower Bar
    Full leather seat swap with mods to include side airbags

    Eibach springs
    Koni struts/shocks
    Reso Delete
    OEM mudflaps (since I don't have the funds for the Razzi body kit I really want)

    Brembo upgrade
    WAMS tune
    BMD End links
    Tie rods
    Tapshift/paddle shift upgrades

    One thing I know upfront, Considering I have the 2.4, it will never be a fast car, and I do not have the funds to make it all pretty as a show car.
    But, it will be a fun, nimble little daily driver.
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    Re: FentonDude Progression

    Welcome! i used to live in St. Charles, maybe we can meet up sometime when i come to visit family.
    What school did/do you go to?

    I would love to see some pictures! The civic intake mod i and interested to see.


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      Re: FentonDude Progression

      Post some pics!
      What year is your g6?
      The 2.4 is the same one on the cobalt. They have pretty good aftermarket support as a result.
      If yours is pre 2007 then I believe you have stronger internals. Than the newer ones such as my 09.

      A tune alone really wakes up the 4 banger and trans.


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        Re: FentonDude Progression

        Here's a shot of the Civic ram mod-

        The piping was from eBay, like This One. You have to cut about 6" off the pipe to make it fit, and get (If I remember correctly) 4"-3.5" reducer couplings, since the filter box and TB connections are smaller than the piping.
        The filter box has a drop-in K&M. I expect zero performance boost from this one. The whole reason I even added it was so I could ditch the OEM engine cover and use the Equinox cover. I can't stand popping the hood and seeing nothing but a giant plastic rectangle.
        As for schools, I went to SCHS. Graduated in '78, LOL

        CruisinG6- I have the 2009.5, not a lot I can do without some serious rebuilding.
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          Re: FentonDude Progression

          Cintered rods sure, but it can still handle low boost. I read something like 7psi as being safe. I was thinking of going 5psi myself.

          An intake, some port polish maybe and long tube headers along with a tune would make it way more livable.
          I just have an intake and tune and it's way better than stock.
          I know because I flashed back to my stock tune for a winter, but after 2 weeks I couldn't take it being slower and more laggy


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            Re: FentonDude Progression


            I realized that you are probably much older than me after i hit post, lol

            I would never be able to pull off that kind of intake setup being that i have the LX9.


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              Re: FentonDude Progression

              Yeah, I'm an old fart, LOL.
              That intake mod was something I found here on the forums, just useful for us guys with the 2.4, since it's almost impossible to find a CAI for the 4-bangers.
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                Re: FentonDude Progression

                Look for a Cobalt intake.