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  • Group Buy Guidelines

    All Credit for this write up goes to Tommy! (TLS2000)

    For the person setting up the group buy:

    1. MUST BE APPROVED. All Group Buys must be approved the ADMINISTRATOR prior to opening it up for eligible buyers. This does not apply to interest threads. Administrator will approve no more than 2 group buys at one time so if there are currently two running you will have to wait. Group buys are not made to circumvent the Vendor process. These are group sales based on a volumn from established products through members not affiliated or associated with the business.

    If you don't have the time to make it happen, DON'T COMMIT to it! If you have an idea for a group buy, make a proposal, and someone else may be willing to run with it.

    3. ORGANIZE AND POST INFORMATION. If something is going to get a discount of $5 based upon 10-19 purchases, make that clear. Also make it clear that the discount is based upon the number of committed buyers that are in on the group buy. Don't speculate about a larger discount if we get x more buyers. It causes confusion, and gives people an excuse to back out of the group buy.

    Also, if something is going to require major work to be done (drilling/cutting/riveting..) make that clear so that people know what they are getting in to.

    Expect questions from the people participating in the group buy. Answer them in a timely manner. Don't wait for a week before posting responses.

    5. CO-ORDINATE PAYMENT. Make sure that the people who commit to the group buy pay for their product. It is not fair for others to have to wait weeks because someone didn't pay up when expected to. Let other people know the payment status of others, so that everyone knows how many people still have to pay.

    6. CO-ORDINATE A SOLID SHIP DATE. Make sure that the company that you are purchasing from ships the product promptly once payment has been received from all participating members.

    For people joining in on a group buy:

    1. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE COMMITTING TO. If you say that you are going to be in on a group buy, then pay up when the time comes. Don't back out because you forgot to ask a question that you should have asked before you committed!

    Once payment is required, pay. Others shouldn't have to suffer because you decided that you didn't want it. They all made a commitment to buy, just like you did. They all paid for the product, now it's your turn.

    3. WHEN YOU PAY, GIVE THE RIGHT INFORMATION. Once the group buy is paid, make sure that you give your correct shipping address and a telephone number if necessary.

    4. BUYER BEWARE. Being a group buy, remember that there are people who will not follow the above rules, regardless of the consequences. Don't blame the host of the message board, or the mods because someone else screwed up the group buy.

    5. ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO JOIN. Getting other people in on the group buy will benefit you. You will get a larger discount, and you will receive your order sooner.


    If you fail to follow through on your commitment to a group buy, either as the organizer or a participant, then you agree to the following:

    1. You may not participate in any future group buys. This includes group buys that are currently posted, which have not started the payment process yet. Once the payment process has been started on other group buys, you are still expected to PAY unless the organizer of that group buy has removed you.

    2. At the discretion of the administrator of the board, you may be suspended or banned.

    3. Toyz may throw a little doggy poopy on your freshly waxed G6 .
    Oh yeah.... the fine print: The rule makers are exempt from the rules
    and can alter or change them at any time....but u knew that didnt you?
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      Re: Group Buy Guidelines

      Further guidelines.......

      Please establish a Group Buy Interest list before contacting any vendors, so that we do not waste their time. Once a few people sign up, and say they are interested and that you have others onboard, go and contact the vendor, finding out how many are needed for group buy deals and any other details, then ask a Admin or Global Mod for approval to make a actual Group Buy thread.
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        Re: Group Buy Guidelines

        bump, to many group buys going on right now. we need to make sure to follow the rules


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          Re: Group Buy Guidelines

          Bump again for the new section created in here.

          Please if you are setting up an interest list use the correct subsection, same goes for the Official Group buys.

          This main section will have all the old group buys left in it.