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Looking for RPO Codes listed for 2007 Pontiac G6

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  • Looking for RPO Codes listed for 2007 Pontiac G6

    I can't explain this any bey, except to say that through sheer dumb luck I managed to stumble across a few of the RPO Codes and what they represent. So now I'm trying to find a list of the codes and what they represent.

    After a busy last few weeks - I have thoroughly gone through the engine compartment, and what is still in good working order was cleaned up and re-installed. The rest of the parts were replaced and with huge relief thought I was done.

    Nope!!!! My car had other ideas, so now I'm getting things laid out to take care of the Intake Manifold gaskets and seal rings, as well as replacing the coolant crossover pipe gasket. Any help in pulling together information about the RPO Codes will be greatly appreciated. I'm going to want something to read when my frustration level goes haywire, and it will especially help me to remain focused