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Adjust parking brake?

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  • Adjust parking brake?

    Is there an easy way to adjust the parking brake? Mine only seems to grab if the handle is pulled up as far as it will go and I'm not sure that it's grabbing securely as it should. I'd like to try adjusting the cable myself before I ask the dealer to look at it.

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    Re: Adjust parking brake?

    Important: This vehicle utilizes a self-tensioning, or self-adjusting park brake cable system. The park brake system does not require adjustment under normal operating conditions. The tension on the park brake cables can be disabled and enabled when necessary during service of the disc brake and/or the park brake system.

    •Apply and fully release the park brake lever several times. Verify that the park brake lever releases completely.
    •Turn ON the ignition. Verify the red BRAKE warning lamp is not illuminated.
    •If the red BRAKE warning lamp is illuminated, verify the following:
    • The park brake lever is in the fully released position and against the stop.

    • There is no slack in the park brake cables.

    •Turn OFF the ignition.
    •Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle .
    •With the park brake lever fully released, check the park brake apply levers on the rear calipers. The apply levers should be against the stops on the caliper housings. If the apply levers are not against the stops, binding may exist.
    •Fully apply and release the park brake lever 3-5 times in order for the cable tensioner to take up any slack in the park brake cables.
    •Fully apply the park brake lever, tension should be felt on the lever by pulling the lever less than one full pull.
    •Attempt to rotate the rear brake rotors. There should be no rotation forward or rearward.
    •Fully release the park brake lever.
    •Verify the park brake is released by rotating the rear brake rotors. The rotors should rotate freely and exhibit no brake drag.
    •Lower the vehicle.

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      Re: Adjust parking brake?

      I have the opposite problem. Just replaced pad and rotors on rear of G6 2006 model and I have too much drap. In fact after short test drive pads smoking and rotors very hot. These rear pads worn with only 25,000 miles.. front pads 3/4 left.


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        Re: Adjust parking brake?

        My parking brake does not grab at all. When pulling up completely, there is no effect. I changed the rear pads recently and think it might be related to that process. When changing the pads, I used the borg tool(? the cube), to reset the back calipers. Does that effect the parking brake in some way?

        Any input would be really helpful. Thanks!


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          Re: Adjust parking brake?

          There are a few threads about this issue. They all end abruptly when the OP asks the above question. So whats the answer?! Does anyone know why our twist in style parking brakes seem to stop working when we change the pads???! What are we doing? Does the mechanism need to be re-staged to the proper point before the cable can pull and have effect??!

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            Re: Adjust parking brake?

            I have never had an issue when I change my brakes and I do it every year. just make sure when you screw the rear piston back in you screw all the way in until it stops. I change all my pads first. then after Im done I pump the brakes up with the motor on until they are firm. If they still fill soft I bleed the lines. I do this every time and I have not had one issue with my parking/emergency brake not grabbing.

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              Re: Adjust parking brake?

              I never had an issue either.
              Is either rear brake working? I'd pull off each wheel and have some cycle the hand brake to make sure its actually moving the arm on the caliper. If so then I'd try pulling the caliper and twisting the piston all the way back in, then try the ebrake again. I tried it once on a buddies car and it worked somehow. I think repositioning the piston helped.

              Otherwise you may need to replace the calipers as something inside could have worn or broke.

              If it looks like the cable isn't pulling the levers on either caliper then I'd pull the center console and check the connection of the cable to the handle.