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What does your logon name mean?

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  • What does your logon name mean?

    Ok, I will go first. means to mock or ridicule which kinda fits me at times.
    Also, I was always a fan of National Lampoon (mags and movies).

    So there you have it.
    Sorry had nothing to do with a play on the word poontang.
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    LoJac is obviously the car tracking system when your vehicle is stolen


    963 is the police code for a traffic accident with fatalities here in AZ.
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      Emerson Hart is the lead singer for the band Tonic and 13 is my lucky number....
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        Wow! This one is easy.

        Baldguy247....I shave my head and I am bald 24/7
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          I have a GTP and was born in 1980.
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            33 is my old basketball number, the rest i hope you can figure out


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              The letters PWR are actually my initials... i guess I was just born lucky that they are also the abbreviation for Power.... The rest is obvious.
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                I'm a moon child....and somewhat of an artist....

                Moon...sketcher :P
                Originally posted by Kman
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                  i'm a drunk and i have a maxx.


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                    "Redsun" This is one of the car club team name in the japanese anime comic Inital D.

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                      My name is Ali, I want a Chevelle SS.

                      This is not to be confused with me wanting ass, and I am well aware that they offered an SS model when I purchased my Z28.
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                        I used to have a 93 Camaro LT1. When I was with my team, Next Level, most of them had LS1 Camaros/Bird. Being the odd man out, the VP used to call me LT Junk (instead of LT1) as a joke. It just kinda stuck, then I got rid of the 'Maro, and since my car has the Ecotec, it just kinda fit.
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                          People always tell me i have to many toys or i will always be a kid cuase i like to buy things and beat the crap out of them and play with them. So yeah, Everything i own is just another toy! Hence Toyz

                          Poonerz- I can still think what i want to think about your name. I know what the real truth is behind your name
                          Hurricanes are like women : when they come, they're wet and wild, but when they leave they take your house and car.


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                            First initial, first three letters of my last name

                            Actually I initially tried to sign up jnak00 but something went horribly wrong and I was unable to access that account.

                            jnak00 just adds my IQ to the end.


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                              I live in a box and get pooped and peed on.
                              BMG Cofounder who happens to be a Petrolsexual
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