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Swapping out the 3.5 in my G6 using the 3.9 engine and trans from a 2007 impala

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  • Swapping out the 3.5 in my G6 using the 3.9 engine and trans from a 2007 impala

    Hey y'all, couple questions here. I have scoured this entire site and have spent a few days searching the web I can't turn up much on this particular swap.

    Ok here is what I am working with..

    2008 G6 sedan with the 3.5 the torque converter is going out.

    Recently, I had friend give me there totaled 2007 Chevy Impala LT 3.9 STRONG ENGINE AND TRANS. ( Car was hit in the rear passenger )

    From what I can tell is that swap seems pretty straight forward. BUT!!! I would prefer to have all my ducks in a row.

    So I come to you guys seeking some knowledgeable insight.


    1. Are the front cradles interchangable from the Impala to the G6? As this could be a major time saver on the swap.

    Looking at both vehicles, the front cradles seem to VERY similar to each other, if not the same. ( Please note this is just from viewing it from the bottom. )

    2. If they aren't the same, will the 3.9 engine and trans mount on the cradle of the G6?

    3. Will I be able to use the original shift cables from my G6? Or will I have to use the Impalas? As both vehicles are 4 speed.

    4. Mounts, hardware, braking and suspension components.. ? The brakes appear larger on the Impala, I am trying to do this as cost effective as possible. How much of the listed above can switch over? ( This would be it the Impala front cradle won't fit )

    5. WIRING, AND COMPUTER TRANSFER???? What can I switch over? Better yet

    Please note, this is a complete car ( Impala )
    I am not looking to make this a racecar, it just seems more cost effective to me doing this swap as the Impala was free, and I love my G6. And if I can do this swap at just the price of new motor and trans mounts I am doing pretty good ( knock on wood )

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