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Greenwood Roadway in Indianola Iowa...

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  • Greenwood Roadway in Indianola Iowa...

    I took a trip to south Dakota to try and score me a job at Marmen Energy. I really enjoyed the state and specifically the Sioux Falls area. So before I got back home I made sure I visited this awesome track in Iowa since it was one of the tracks Carrol Shelby, Jim Hall, Al and Bobby Unser, and Ed Leslie.

    When I arrived there, I saw a low spot of the track and was in awe! So I went to head up the hill to where the entrance to the area was at. There was this construction company using the land but I believe the track has no equipment sitting on the road. I was hoping to get a chance to drive the track slowly, due to the pavement and it lack of upkeep. So I went inside to plead to the company to let me drive the track and if I could I would take one of the construction training personnel along with me in order to be able to drive it. Well, they said that I can't and was sorry to tell me this.
    Well, I thanked them and took some photos of the posters from 1936 with myself.

    I did see that the track held a big even on the with of June 2013. I hope they hold one again......cause I'll be back!

    I was so happy I got to see the track though!