Past and present forums have had issues with questions being asked over and over again and just general clutter. So in an attempt to reduce these issues Iíve started this thread.

G6 Performance FAQ's

Q:Does anyone make an exhaust system for the G6?

A:YES! Contact "GT-R" for info on his exhaust system, or visit this thread.

Magnaflow also has a system available for the G6, this is a single outlet system designed for the V6, GT and Base models. There is nothing that says it won't fit the GTP, you'll just be missing an outlet.

Q:Does anyone make headers for the G6?

A: YES, has headers avalable
OBX Performance (3500 LX9 and 2.4)

Q:Where can I get an intake for my G6?

A:3 Companyís currently offer intakes for your G6, they are...
Injen (3500 LX9 only)
MP Racing(3900 & 3500 LZ4)
K&N 3900, 3500(LZ4), and 3500(LX9)
There are also a few EBay intake around from time to time.

Q:Where can I find an ECU for my G6?

A: Visit GTPprix website!

Q:Where can I find transmission upgrades for my G6?

A: ZZP Performance offers performance upgrades for the 4T65E which is found in the 2006 Auto GTP's with the 3900.

Furthermore the crap you find on e-bay such as .99 cent resistors that claim up to 20HP, and little pieces of deformed sheet metal that you shove in your intake that claim to net you more HP and fuel eco... Please no more posts about them, they're a SCAM!

There have been a lot of posts about warranty vs. modifications and such. Read this: NO modification will void your warranty unless the part itself CAUSED the malfunction. This is because of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

If you are STILL worried about a dealer giving you a hassle, remove the aftermarket parts before taking it in for service.