i wanna say last week my 2006 pontiac g6 gtp so v6 3.9 l it started acting up first i was driving n the traction control n abs light came on then couple more miles n the car lock symbol came on n car shut off after that like there was no light in dashboard well the alternator went out but then after that was fine couple days n yesterday the traction control off light came on n it shifts rough or feels like traction is sticking but it gave a code of p0113 so i did all research n sometimes with these cars the intake air temp sensor is sometimes reason it trips the traction control light to well replaced the mass air flow cuz some people r saying the intake air sensor is in mass air flow in the car n the car is still doing same thing my bf was messing n turn car on n off see would help nope then lock symbol came back on well now i got that off both both traction off light n the code r still are there oh n i know my starter going out which only acts out when i use my push start that came with can anyone point me to the right direction on this im so confused