I have a 05 g6 with the 3.5 and i love it. I am planning to completly rebuild the engine and install a turbo set up. What is some usefull info to keep in mind? Would it be better to rebuild and upgrade the trans also or should i just try to find one? I havent done any modifying to this car but the motor recently gave out on me and I absolutly love this car so I am willing to do whatever it takes to build a one of a kind pontiac and take it to shows. I am not wanting a drag car! I just want to push around 4-600 hp. I do all the work myself. I can handle any aspect of any vehicle but I want to do it right so I am trying to learn as much as I can before I start taking it apart. I want to bore it .020 over and upgrade any and everything I can. The only part I have not started to acheive is the tuning. I do want to learn how to tune but I understand there is a whole whole lot involved to learn tuning and to be able to tune. Please no negitivity!!!! I will turbo my g6!!!! I understand it wont be easy but when it is finished and I start winning car shows or just driving it to the grocery store or while I am working will make it absolutly worth it. Please just help me learn as much as I need to know before I start this project???