Thanks for how this club's site is setup! I like how the features are and the members on here. I do have one suggestion for this site. For me, and for us all I would say, when I am away the unread posts pile up. I know that the threads that I subscribed to cause that. Especially when others post in there too. However, instead of having so many unread posts pending to be looked through to find that maybe someone replied with qouting you, or not. Maybe we can get unread posts that only show up when someone replies with quoting your post only. Then make other posts show up under the "what's new?" tab showing posts that do not have quoted replies to other members.
I, myself, only check up on the what's new? tab, and the forum tab. And of course, spending time clearing out the unread posts.

I am still one happy member looking to only help! Be safe, have a great day, and keep modding!