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    Crown Vic

    Not sure I made a post about this or not, as I really haven't been active in awhile.

    Either way, when we had our first car, my wife took over my 07 sedan for baby duty, I took her 2dr cavalier, got rid of it, and got back in a 4th gen camaro(had 2 before, so I knew them well) as a beater while we saved for a house. We got the house paid of the G6, then had another kid, to keep it cheap and more roomy, I picked up a 2002 Crown Vic.(I am not a fan of trucks/crossovers)

    2002 Ford Crown Vic, 4.6L. It is an old fart edition.(not a P71 police package) The main difference is some coolers, interior, and 3.46(or whatever gear it is in this area) and LSD.

    I picked it up last year for $4300 w/92k miles, little more then normal, but I got it from a Nissan Dealership, it was 1 owner, had carfax, with a full service history(previous owner took the car in for everything at the dealer)

    Its nothing special, gets the job done, actually handles better then you would expect, and MAN, is it cheap to maintain... some parts are the same part from '79-2011, LOL. I put on ceramic pads, rotors, flushed brake system, KYB gas adjust shocks. Cost like $275. Tensioner and belt was like $40. Coil on plug, and new plugs was like $200, for OEM motorcraft ones, but still overall cheap. I have already put on close to 20k miles never been stranded, only issue I ever say was misfire at cruise, that the COP fixed.

    Its not the most glorious ride, but hey allowed me to afford a 2nd kid(2 kids in daycare ain't cheap), fund a couple $k for my project car, and pay off like $35k in student loans. So its serving its purpose.

    When I got it(old fart style)

    Some cheap hubcaps, and tire panted the white wall

    hubcaps pulled because everyone has to see it.

    When I needed tires, upgraded to some 2014 17" Mustang wheels, they had less the 500 miles on them, got them for $400. Also $65 for all 4 ebay headlights.(easier then polishing)

    Then just recently I blacked out the chrome trim on the doors and around the windows. I might paint the bumper chrome trim body color, at least the rear since its flaking bad. Just took the family truckster to the mountains with the family.

    And when the kids are acting up, you can fit like 20 kids in it.

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    Re: Crown Vic

    a big part of me wishes I picked up one of these over my fusion.
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