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  • About the "War Stories" forum! does not condone or advocate street racing or speeding on any public roadways. It is extremely dangerous and illegal.

    The "War Stories" forum is not open to the public and is not a street racing haven!

    The "War Stories" forum is for entertainment value only.

    The "War Stories" forum is the one place where all the 'stories' can be found.

    The "War Stories" forum has nothing to do with organized or unorganized street racing, the legalities of street racing, or even the legalities of going one mph faster than the posted speed limit.

    If we were in a perfect world, there would be a 1/4 mile drag strip track around every corner. :warped:

    It is your car and you can do whatever you want with it. But if you chose to do something stupid and or reckless, then post it in a public forum, be prepared to be called an idiot!

    You could (at anytime) cause an accident and severely hurt yourself, your car or worst yet, innocent bystanders. Just remember, everything you do has consequences to it.

    If you do decide to post something in this forum, that could be construed as questionable or illegal in the eyes of the law. You take full responsibility for you actions, no one else.

    This forum was constructed due to all the threads started in the most recent past. This will also help make any threads more easy to mod if need be. All board rules and regualtions still apply to any thread you see in this section and will be strictly enforced. If Jordie or dre give you a warning in here it will be your last. The next time will not be a warning!

    This is Blackrider's (Jordie) house and dre256 (Dre) will be assisting him with moderatoring in this section. As far as i am concerned what Jordie says, goes in here. And if a decision needs a higher authority I will be sure to provide my undivided attention.

    Thank you and please remember, street racing and speeding are extremely dangerous and illegal!

    Dre256: To anyone that drinks and drives, talks about being high, or talking about being an endangerment to life your thread will be locked.
    Hurricanes are like women : when they come, they're wet and wild, but when they leave they take your house and car.