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Cigarette lighter splitter

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  • Cigarette lighter splitter

    Are there any aftermarket plug splitters for a cigarette lighter? I'd like something that can connect underneath the console at the plug in rather than having to cut, tie, sodder, tape, etc.
    Something that connects from this end:

    Just because it doesn't fit doesn't mean you should HIT IT WITH A HAMMER.

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    Re: Cigarette lighter splitter

    i don't know but my console has a factory power port in it.i didn't notice it at first.


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      Re: Cigarette lighter splitter

      Are you trying to hard-wire an accessory from behind so it doesn't take up an outlet?
      There isn't a plug and play splitter for that connector that I've ever seen or could find online,
      What you can use is a Fuse Tap, perfect for adding a circuit and it's still got it's own fuse protection.
      This fuse tap should work in the G6

      You should be able to find it at any auto parts store.
      You just still need to crimp the power wire and ground the other wire somewhere so it's a little more than plug and play.

      Otherwise they make all sorts of 12 volt socket splitters that have wire leads or just split right at the outlet itself. I've seen them at all the auto parts stores and many big box stores.


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        Re: Cigarette lighter splitter

        I'm trying to add more outlets so that i have room for things when i need them (gps, aftermarket tire pressure guage, phone charger, etc.). A lot of the ones that plug into the outlet itself just look rediculous to me. But i think i can work with that. Thank you.
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        Just because it doesn't fit doesn't mean you should HIT IT WITH A HAMMER.


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          Re: Cigarette lighter splitter

          I agree with you there.

          What I did was buy a fuse tap and get a splitter like this:

          I cut the male end off, found which wire was positive and wired that to a fuse that turns on only when the key is on.
          This way I have my dash cam wired into the socket without having to hack that power adapter, and it turns on automatically. All the wiring is just tucked in back by the fuse box.

          On another note, I added 12v sockets in the plastic work of my neighbors equinox.
          They sell 12v sockets, just drill a big enough hole, pop it in and tighten the nut on the back, but then you're doing a bunch more custom wiring.
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