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    Okay, I have a 2006 G6 with the 3.5 engine. I bought a rear valance for a GTP so I can add dual outlet exhaust. Evidently no one sells a replacement muffler for the 3.9 engine, but it appears that Walker sells a muffler (50085 - Quiet Flow SS) that will fit a Chevy Malibu with the 3.6 engine. Does anyone know if this muffler would be a fit for a 2006 G6? What other aftermarket options are there besides going full custom?


    • I have a '09 G6 GXP (3.6 L -- LY7), everything stock.
      I'd like to make my exhaust a bit more 'robust' (i.e. a bit louder and deeper sound). Yes, I read (here) about GT-R, which I would consider (if it were still being made). None for sale anywhere (even searched all of craig's list).
      So, can someone give the details of the GT-R exhaust (e.g. brand & model of muffler, replace resonator? -- with what?)
      Also, I read that some owners used MagnaFlow mufflers -- size 5" x 8" and 5" x 11". What difference does the size make?
      Would headers help give it a more aggressive sound?