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    Re: Stall Converters

    Alittle OT, but I should get a license plate that says "MPGLOL".

    2009 Liquid Red G8GT
    4 door mafia
    93 octane VMS ecm/tcm tune
    8000k hid's
    Solo Mach Shorty & HFC's
    Rotofab cai and radiator cover
    330 hp/328 tq on a Mustang dyno


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      Re: Stall Converters

      Originally posted by mi04se1
      Alittle OT, but I should get a license plate that says "MPGLOL".
      actually im getting "GTOMG" in december since i have natl guard plates and i can only have 5 chars.

      2004 LS1 A4 Quicksilver w/ Red Interior 1 of 301 -

      GO-K&N Intake, Spintech Exhaust, Pacesetter Headers, Catless Mids, Tuned using HPTuners By Rian

      Turning and Stopping- Cquence Drilled and Slotted Rotors

      Show- SAP Repros in Satin black, fake SAP mod, Tinted tails by Jorge, Satin Black Badges, 35% tint all around, Satin Black painted 17's, Flat Splitter

      Electronics- Pioneer AVIC F90BT, JL 500.1 Monoblock Amp, JL 12W3-2, DDMTuning 8k 55watt HID hi/low, All Interior and Cluster LED Swap by Bohnman,

      Fully modded G6 GTP-TRADED


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        Re: Stall Converters

        I have a 3200 Circle D torque converter in my G8.
        You lose a little driveability with it as it takes a little more pedal to get the car moving.
        The stock torque converter flashes around 1800 rpms.
        Once I nail it though, the torque is there. It also holds the rpms during shifts which is close to my peak torque.
        Pick a stall that is close to your peak torque.
        G6P member 340

        G8 GT 334 0f 1st 888
        Pedders Street II suspension. Pedders Strut Tower bar. VMS HSRK, VMS PCM/TCM tune, Forged and Stroked LS3, Garrett Turbo
        Borla Cat back. SLP underdrive pulley. FAST ported 102 intake and TB ported. BMR trailing arms, Circle D 3200 stall converter.
        20 percent tint by Scott's tinting and graphics.


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          Re: Stall Converters

          I was looking into putting a torque convertor into my G6 before. I did alot of research, on a stock engine 90% of the time its pointless. First like mentioned you lose drivablility, 2nd you MPG will go down, next you should really install an aftermarket tranny cooler becuase of the incressed heat on your tranny.

          What they are mostly for is engine mods like a cam that incresses your torque maybe to a higher RPM band because you have a high end cam. Depending where the LS2 generages most of its torque you might be jumping a tad over that band. One of my friends that has a G8 GT and is on one of the G8 boards told me that a guy over there was pist because he put too big of a torque convertor on his competely stock engine and he lost I think he said .5 off of his 0-60 times off the line. So that means he took a G8 GT from 0-60 in 5.3 seconds to 5.8 seconds, its now slower then a stock GP GXP off the line.

          Next thing is if you have issues like I do being FWD and the 3900 having so much torque in the low RPMs I have issues with traction esp with TC off, that problem will be magnified alot. So you do a stall converter need to make sure your tires are up to the traction also or you might want to upgrade your tires too.
          2006 G6 GTP: Traded

          2013 Mustang GT
          Gotta have it Green color
          Brembo brake package
          420 HP 5.0L
          Ford Racing Power Pack
          GT500 track pack differential cover
          BOSS 302 oil cooler, JLT oil separator


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            Stall Converters

            What about stall convertors for a 1989 SER5 RX7 13b Turbo Auto????
            or do you actuall sell and VAC kits ETC
            My choice mt4 ea for successful trading