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Buying a GOAT!

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  • Buying a GOAT!

    Hopefully like tomorrow or so i'll be the proud owner of a goat, trading in my G6 for it haha. 2006 with only 41k miles. I'll post up more later if the dice fall correctly and i get to drive it home!

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    Re: Buying a GOAT!

    Welcome to the G6 to Goat club. There's like at least 5 of us on here who did that...
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      Re: Buying a GOAT!

      Goat, shmoat. Should have gotten a 5.0

      But hope you get it! I do like the GTOs, am sure you will absolutely love the power increase! Will be night and day!
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        Re: Buying a GOAT!

        well dang! buddy stopped in at the lot today to get his car appraised as hes wanting to trade his in as well. They told me the bank won't approve the loan because its over NADA market price. I contacted the car lot where the car actually is in hopes of getting the owner of the car to consider dropping it to NADA, hes gonna lose some money from what he wants but the way i see it if he wants the car sold he'll take the 14k the NADA says its worth or just leave it setting on a lot.