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Maryland -2006 GTP Sedan - 74,000 miles $8000 LOWERED PRICE

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  • Maryland -2006 GTP Sedan - 74,000 miles $8000 LOWERED PRICE

    4/6/2013 - Edited description and price

    Pulled this straight from my craigslist ad, sorry if some material is vague. I'll fill in the blanks.

    2006 Pontiac G6 GTP Sedan with roughly 74,000 miles in fair condition. Cosmetically it has a few dings from other peoples doors and some rough spots on the paint. No peeling or oxidation. Has been maintained very well since I've bought the car at 44,000 miles. Regular oil changes every 3000-3500 miles and had a transmission flush at 50,000. Front rotors and pads have been replaced in the last 10,000 miles. Some features:

    -3.9L V6. The largest ever produced for the G6 series. 240 horsepower
    -18" GTP rims with low profile tires (~15,000-20,000 miles on the tires).
    -4 wheel ABS with traction/stability control
    -Aftermarket LED tail lights
    -Aftermarket projector headlights
    -Aftermarket front strut tower brace (Racing Line Performace)
    -Aftermarket motor mount inserts (Racing Line Performace)
    -K&N airbox filter
    -6,000 HID head lights
    -Leather interior
    -Heated front seats
    -Monsoon stereo system
    -6 speakers
    -XM radio
    -6 disc CD changer
    -Power drivers seat, windows, locks and mirrors.
    -Automatic climate control
    -Cruise control

    Full disclosure on the bad things so I don't have the headache of of negotiating.

    1) Car was resprayed before I took ownership of it at 44,000 miles. Haven't really found any bondo spots with a magnet, so I'm thinking someone keyed it. It was not reported so a carfax will not elaborate. The paint job was fairly poor in some areas. Some blemishes under the clearcoat and some runs near the door striping on the passenger side. Luckily there isn't any oxidation or anything that you can make out more than 10' away, but it could use a good polishing.

    2) My sister scraped the side of the car up in the drive way backing out of her parking spot. This was completely repaired/filled in and repainted. Ironically this is considered the "good" paint of the car. Unreported to carfax.

    3) Supposively needs sway bar end links replaced.

    4) Rear rotors and pads need replaced.

    5) Pulls ever so slightly to the right after I rotated the tires ~500 miles ago.

    6) Dings from clumsy people at my gym.

    7) Service record will come up with a front crankshaft seal at 44,000 miles. This was repaired. Not a problem, just don't try to argue with me that it is a problem like someone has in the past.

    #8 Lock button on the remote isn't working too well. It could be a dead battery, I haven't tried replacing it yet.

    9) Front driver side suspension starting to squeek.

    KBB fair condition is $9,800. I'm listing non-negotiable at $8,000. A $1,800 dollar difference from "fair" condition is more than enough makes up for the needed repairs. DEALER prices on parts/labor is $400. Car still comes with the original tail lights and head lights, which will fetch some repair money. Please email me I am located in North Central Maryland. I have plenty more pictures via email.

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    06 Black GTP Sedan 3.9L Auto Tap
    -Eagle eye projectors, 6000K HID
    -LED Tails
    -Racingline Performance strut tower brace and MMIs

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    Re: Maryland -2006 GTP Sedan - 74,000 miles $8500

    You should probably put pictures of the bad paint up. If you don't people will assume the worst. Also your car definitely falls into the Fair category according to KBB.
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      Maryland 2006 GTP Sedan 74000 miles 8000 LOWERED PRICE

      Certainly. And I have faced it. Let's discuss this question.