View Full Version : Innovates Iphone app and Wifi transmitter

07-31-2011, 04:41 PM
So i bought an SCSS pod and im putting a boost gauge and a fuel pressure in it. I still wanted another gauge for AFR. I would have to keep it clean so i would have to buy another type of pod and it would be a single MM pod which is like 300 plus the cost of a wideband and interceptor will easyily put at well over 700 just to monitor my Air fuel. So i thought about looking for a better cost effective route. I'm considering using the Innovate OT-2 data OBD interface and download their Iphone app. With this I can clear/check codes, monitor IATs, and basically everything a dashhawk would do alone with data logging. Plus 0-60, 1/4 mile, everything basically. I can then plug in the LC1 wideband and monitor my AFR. The wideband kit with the iPhone WiFi adapter is $350 so thats a lot less and I get a lot more features for about half the price. I might try it out and report back about it. Here's a few links about the unit.
Video about it