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  1. How to properly clean and detail your car.
  2. How-To Opening the Headlights
  3. How-To Hardwire Radar
  4. How-To Remove Airbag Module on a 3-Spoke Steering Wheel
  5. PhotoBucket, How-To upload and link pictures to sites.
  6. How- To Dissabled 6spd Reverse Lockout.
  7. How-To Replacing your Stereo
  8. How-To on Deleting the DRL's (Daytime Running Lamps)
  9. How To: Install Doctor Speed Stage 3 Cold Air Intake
  10. How To:Add Radio Controls in 3-spoke steering wheel (2006)
  11. How-To Remove Door Panels
  12. How To Change Door Speakers
  13. How-To Amp Power Wire location
  14. How To Oil Change Instructions
  15. How to wire up an aftermarket sub amp.
  16. How-To Adjust the Foglights
  17. How To Take Out Upper Grills
  18. How-To Remove Instrument Panel Bezel
  19. How-To Install White Face Gauges
  20. How To: Fix Sunroof Drain Tubes, Stop Wet Seatbelts, Carpets
  21. How To: Remove ECU
  22. How To: Replace Your Rear Speakers
  23. HowTo: Image Gallery
  24. HOW TO: Change F40 Fluid.
  25. How-To: Remove Throttle Body
  26. Remove Shift Knob on Automatic Transmission
  27. How-To Sound System Must, The big 3
  28. How-To: Reset window indexing on coupes & convertibles
  29. How-To Wire up LEDs to a 12volt system
  30. How-To: Remove Badges
  31. How to: set up foglights as DRLs
  32. How To: Running my LED'S
  33. About the 'How-To' Section
  34. Needing help with this
  35. How to remove the resonator in one piece!
  36. How To: Remove Center Trim & Radio (IMAGES RESTORED 7/30/09)
  37. need a HOw-To for satallite radio
  38. How-To Install HID's
  39. Wanna keep your fog lights on, all the time? (super easy!)
  40. Keyless Remote Fob Repair HOWTO
  41. Add OEM Fogs to your G6
  42. Keep your GT-R exhaust in place
  43. Shifter Removal
  44. How do I remove the shift Knob, and replace it?
  45. How to Paint Side Skirts (complete)
  46. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. How-To: Paint the headlight bezels
  48. How-To: Remove/Replace Door Handles (chrome ebay ones)
  49. posting pics from car domain - need a how-to
  50. Running power wire through the firewall
  51. Coupe Tail-Light Removal Guide With Pics
  52. How To: Install Steering Wheel Control Module
  53. How-To Request- Strut Bar Install
  54. HOW TO - remove the intake resonator in one piece way # 2
  55. Request: Splash Guard Install
  56. How do you upload Video
  57. how do you uninstall resessed upper grille's?
  58. how to : remove vents
  59. How To: Remove Side View Mirror Glass
  60. Request: How-to remove rear seats in 07 GTP
  61. How To : Remove Air Vents
  62. How To: CAB Installation
  63. Fog Light Bulb Replacement
  64. How To: Program a New Key
  65. Ebay Intake (CORNER MOUNT UPDATE - PAGE 1)
  66. how to take cd out of cd player
  67. Is it hard to do??
  68. How To: Stop the dome light from rattling
  69. How to: Aim headlights
  70. How to: Make LED tail lights work-without melting your car!
  71. Howto Videos
  72. How-To: Build Your Own Cold Air Intake
  73. How to idea. Installing the TCM in the 6speed auto
  74. HOW TO remove TCM on 4speed 3.9L
  75. front bumper/fender removal
  76. Rear Deck lid cover
  77. How to: Turn cig. port on-off w/ ign. and override it
  78. Unique Coatings HID Install How-To
  79. eyelids
  80. How To: Anti-Theft (Fuel Pump Shut Off Switch)
  81. Run a microphone to stock OnStar location
  82. How To: Wiring LED's into Vents (or anywhere)
  83. How-To: Hardwire GPS to power on with car (lots of pics)
  84. How-To: Custom LED Turn Signals
  85. Side Mirror Centre Cover Removal HOWTO
  86. Removing Wheels Correctly
  87. Removing the Front Licence Plate
  88. Making you GXP ram air hood functional
  89. How To: Install CAB for 3.6 engines (GTP and GXP's)
  90. HOW TO Request: AHL Disable
  91. How To Trunk Cut out ( 56 K...Upgrade to DSL)
  92. HOW TO- Racingline Motor Mount Inserts
  93. How to install Vector GM HSRK (Heat Soak Reduction Kit)
  94. How to Install Rotors + Brake Pads?
  95. SHORT BELT 3.6
  96. How To- Install HIDs in Fogs
  97. Eibach Pro Kit Installed
  98. how do you change out the pontiac symbol on the front?
  99. Lighting Rear Window Switches
  100. Remove LED's in instrument panel
  103. Putting The Gt-R on the vert
  104. REQ crank relearn with dash hawk
  105. How to make your own G6 Heater Interceptor Ventpod
  106. Pontiac Emblem on Steering Wheel
  107. http://www.ledunderbody.com/ Multi Color Install
  108. How to fix glove department?
  109. How to remove rear seat panel....
  110. How To Blower Motor Replacement
  111. a-pillar
  112. ZZP Strut Bar
  113. Sideview Mirror Replacement
  114. HOW TO lube Intermediate steering shaft
  115. How to change Gauge Lights
  116. Thermostat replacement?
  117. Need help taking off door switches
  118. How to: Take off radio face
  119. How to use paypal anywhere online!
  120. Outside rear view mirror take off and install instructions
  121. How to Program your remote
  122. How To: Paint Stock G6 GTP Rims
  123. How to remove lower grills, detailed with pics
  124. How To: Spray Tint Tail Lights
  125. needed How to run wires though firewall
  126. How To: Create a Lid for your CAB
  127. HOW TO: Oil Change
  128. How-to Key Fob
  129. Removing Wheels
  130. HOW TO - Remove and replace handles with pictures
  131. HOW TO - Removal of front seatbelts from the actual seat
  132. How to: Install 3.6L Manifold Insulators
  133. Sunroof leak fix (non pan roof) w/pic
  134. HOW TO add steering wheel radio controls
  135. How to: change outer tie rod
  136. How to hit the peak torque?
  137. Need a "how to" remove side glass/windows
  138. How-To : Make your own Angel Eyes!
  139. removin emblems
  140. Stupid question. I feel dumb for asking
  141. Wind screen ?
  142. How do I change my avatar?
  143. How To: Ram Air Through Grill
  144. how to remove driver seat side panel
  145. leds
  146. take apart halo head lights
  147. fuel pump
  148. pinstripe
  149. How to request: take off head lights
  150. lowering springs. There in! W/ pics
  151. How To Remove Tail Light Tint or any other tint-sorry no pic
  152. How To: Brake In New Rotors
  153. Coilovers and how to install them
  154. How To install washer nozzles on wipers!
  155. How-To Replace Front Sway Bar Bushings
  156. Help with 'rebadging' my car
  157. How to request, sun visor
  158. "How To" Diagnose/fix CD CHANGER ERROR on 6disk monsoon
  159. Clean Headlights?
  160. How To: Remove bugs from Ceiling lights
  161. Replace front hub bearing
  162. Easy under dash strobe light how to.
  163. How To:Remove Chrome Window Trim (with video)
  164. How To - Splatter Paint
  165. Request - How to: Remove coupe 3rd brake light / housing
  166. HOW TO-Remove GTO Hood Scoops
  167. Need Gas Cap How To
  168. How to spray tint coupe tails
  169. cabin filter
  170. How-To Install a cabin Air filter
  171. How to take off Dome light cover to change bulb
  172. How To Video - Racingline Grounding Kit
  173. How-To Remove Front Door Panels
  174. How to change thermostat on 3.9L engine
  175. Replacing 6 by 9 rear speaker grills?
  176. how to get to the heater core in a 05 g6...
  177. Request How-To: Door Handle assembly.
  178. REQUEST How To - Remove Upper Grilles
  179. Request install: OEM ground effects
  180. How do i put my backseat down in my g6 gtp coupe?
  181. Sedan HID Reverse Light HOW-TO
  182. REQUEST: Removing interior door trim
  183. Master How-To Thread
  184. How-To for Adding Halos to Angel Eye stock replacement headlights
  185. How do I remove the rear door panel on a 2006 Pontiac G6?
  186. foglights with high beams HOW-TO
  187. How to Remove window tint
  188. How to fix Key Fob
  189. Spare tire bolt
  191. Disable auto lights on canadian cars?
  192. 2006 G6 Convertible Trunk Lid liner
  193. HOW TO - Remove engine cover
  194. HELP! can i put down the rear seat? (sedan)
  195. Speedometer Replacement
  196. VFAQ for DIY Electrical Power Steering Assist Assembly Swap
  197. How-To Replace Outer Tie Rod End
  198. How to Seafoam
  199. Throttle Body Removal
  200. "HOW TO" remove shift plate/nob/shift collar
  201. How to-exhaust
  202. How To - change spark plugs and wires on a LX9
  203. HOW TO - Program GM Transponder Key
  204. new Prefix!!
  205. How To fish wire for puddle lights
  206. How To Black Out Window Trim With Plastidip
  207. How To Fix brake light staying on issue
  208. new struts??
  209. DIC relocation???
  210. Water Pump Replacement
  211. How To Switchback LEDs for turn signals
  212. Found a Wiki with a good G6 section w/ How To's, Manuals, Diagrams
  213. HOW TO - Completely Retrofit your Spyder Housing...
  214. How to remove spark plugs 3.6L Request
  215. how to for the el wire around the cupholders
  216. rear seat removal help
  217. ignition/wheel lock question
  218. Fixing Broken Key Fob
  219. How To 2007 saturn aura
  220. HOW TO - Install OEM Fog Lights (The OEM Way)
  221. Replace Headlight Connectors
  222. Sunroof Water ?
  223. Inside 3rd Brake Light ?
  224. Shirter Trim?
  225. Interior Lights ?
  226. How To Replace the Turn Signal Switch
  227. Sunroof water ?
  228. Sun Roof Removal
  229. Seat Belt ?
  230. How-to rewire halos as DRL *EDITED (Eagle Eye headlights) for less than 10$
  231. Outer tie rods?
  232. How To Remove Steering Wheel Airbag Module
  233. How To Install Koni Yellow Sport Dampers
  234. Door Panel Lights
  235. Sway Bar Bushings?
  236. Shock Tower Mounts
  237. manual shift knob removal
  238. RELEASE: Spyder Auto Headlight Retrofit Guide for the Pontiac G6
  239. How To remove cover that houses buttons on the stock G6 Radio....
  240. How To: Clean your Wheels and Tires.
  241. How To How to Install Metra GMOS-LAN-03 and ASWC-1
  242. The How-To on installing USB in our center console(the console that has the shifter)
  243. How To 2010 Speedometer Swap HOW-TO
  244. Bypassing reverse
  245. Anyone ever installed a bulldog remote starter before?
  246. how to replace Engine Coolant Temperature sensor
  247. How To Paddle Shifter: installing Paddle shifters on the GT(with Tap Shift Model)...
  248. LED swap for the back third brake light
  249. How-To Remove cushions and covers from a Bucket Seat
  250. How-To Remove and replace covers from seat cushions