Guide to installing a Peripheral PESWIPS steering wheel control module. This should be practically the same procedure for any other kind they make, it should only differ in the programming phase.

For manufacturer's instructions, go here. *Note, there are different instructions for certain radios, check here to see if yours is one of them.

This guide assumes you already know how to take apart your dash and install an aftermarket radio.

Start off by cutting the white, yellow, orange, and blue wires off (make sure to pull the outer sheath over the end to insulate them, easily done by pinching between the nails and pulling towards the end of the wire a few times). This is not necessary, but keeps the clutter down.

Next, trim the green wire down to about six or eight inches, again to help with clutter. Strip the end for joining with another wire. Trim the red and black wires just like you did here, making sure to trim after the fuse in the red wire.

The red and black wires can be joined into the red and black wires in your aftermarket harness - it is just power and ground for the module.

Now comes the fun part. In the GM harness, before the actual module, you'll need to snip the blue wire in 9 and the white-black wire in 10 free. The blue wire gets connected to the green wire from the module, and the wite-black wire gets connected to the accessory power line in your aftermarket harness. The white-black wire escaped my attention for well over an hour - I kept pressing the steering wheel buttons and wondering why nothing was registering. That would be because I didn't have power to the buttons, haha.

You can see the blue and white-black wires connected pre-harness in this picture.

To program, you turn on your car while holding the program button down. Then you release and press the button again once. It should sit there a second then blink back at you. Turn the car off, then back on. The LED should blink once to confirm it is in mode 1. Now you press and hold the button for a second, and the programming sequence begins! The order of commands for programming are as follows:

So my button sequence was +, -, module, up, down, module, 1-6, module, module. The programming button on the module is pressed to skip a function you have no button for.