So, my car wont start. battery gets jumped, and then dies when cables are removed. charged battery with battery charger and it stays on a while and allows me to shut off car and start again, then eventually soon dies after a while. before dying, things like my dash lights and radio etc. go off completely. Im guessing alternator. I looked on youtube for how toreplace the alternator and it looks really simple so I ordered a new one. well, I opened the hood today and my alternator is not in the top next to my engine like all the G6s I've seen on youtube. so, my question is, where is the alternator on my car and how easy is this fix?

I have a 2007 Pontiac G6 sedan 2.4L base model and can't seem to se the alternator... :-( any help would be appreciated it as the new alternator will be aarriving tomorrow.

this car has given me so many problems over the years. so much wasted money and every time i put a few hundred in to fixing something, something else comes up in the week :sigh: